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    Our Innovative Software Solutions

    Discover a world of endless possibilities with our diverse range of software solutions. As a leading provider in the industry, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with tools that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive innovation.

    TVONE: Online Media News and Entertainment Solution

    Our product provides a complete cloud platform for online News and Entertainment channels. It has web and mobile interfaces.

    Our online News and Entertainment channels is a complete solution that facilitates live streaming, multimedia news publishing, news archiving, advertisements, etc. Events can be live using this solution.

    Key features of the application:

    • Add, Edit, and Published News and Entertainment text and videos..

    • Live streaming: users can live their events.

    • Video Playlist

    • Advertisement publishing

    • Archiving the news and other media and searching by date.


    PNAC is a QR-based access control system. It is mainly built for small, medium, and large organizations. It centrally maintains access control of an organization that has single or multiple locations and has multiple gates on a location.

    Organizations can keep track of attendance of their employees and can access their attendance data using. Organizations can use this system to manage their visitors and record their visits and access area.

    Key features of PNAC:

    • Attendance management

    • Management of working hours of Employees

    • Keep records of Employees, Departments

    • Manage Appointments

    • Keep records of Visitors

    • Access Management

    • Shift Management


    ERP is specially designed for the employees to get systematic and timely plan-ups for their work routines. With particular tabulation of the data, the employee can easily switch between previously completed tasks and can record tomorrow’s tasks. This helps as a reminder and also keeps a good track record of the work.

    The app is equipped with the following features:

    • Full Employee Details could be recorded including the attachments of all the necessary documents, the app will also notify about Birthdays/Anniversaries, Work-Anniversary etc.

    • Timesheets serve as a benefit that helps the employees to record their daily completed tasks, tomorrow’s tasks, and dependencies for each day.

    • An additional feature of attendance has been added which records employees attendance just by one click

    • It also enables the employees to put their leave requests which are approved/ rejected by the HR Dept. of the company, also enables the developers/Employees to go through several guidelines including the one for Leave Policy.

    • Employee Referral feature enables you to share any contact with others without any hustle

    • Hence NCS^ERP application serves its purpose as a one-stop employee benefit solution