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    As a software company, we specialize in providing solutions for banking, financial services, telecom, transportation, healthcare industries etc, enabling seamless operations and innovative customer experiences.

    Internet, wireless technology, and global straight-through processing have created a paradigm shift in the banking industry - from brick-and-mortar banks to banking virtually across time zones, geographical locations, access points, and delivery channels. This transformation has enabled seamless, real-time transactions and enhanced customer experiences, fostering greater financial inclusion. We have project implementation skills and expertise in implementing third-party solutions that cover the entire logistics of the banking industry, ensuring robust, scalable, and secure banking operations.

    At NCS we believe in offering much more than just a job; we strive to give you a full-fledged career. Towards this end, we provide you with superior training and the opportunity to work in different industries and service practices on the latest technology platforms.

    Developing software for our clients - among whom we count Fortune companies - is a fast-paced, challenging, and result-oriented endeavour, and we do this in a pleasant work environment.

    What NCS offers you is an accelerated career path that you can yourself design as you go along. We also offer a host of other tangible and intangible benefits that will transform you into a world-class infotech professional.

    We utilise this unique and holistic understanding of the telecommunications domain to offer services suited to every stage of the business life-cycle of its customers. Long-term associations with a majority of our customers stand testimony to NCS 's commitment to building relationships through deliverables that add value to customer organizations.

    We provide consulting and IT services to strengthen the planning process and improve the management and operations of transport systems while ensuring speed, safety, and environmental sustainability. In order to offer such competitive advantages, these systems need to be well planned, capable of adapting to new technologies and changing policies, and most importantly, well managed. NCS has leveraged its rich experience in the transportation industry, its unparalleled expertise in information technology, and its strong global presence to emerge as a leading solution provider to both international and domestic clients in this sector.

    Numerous factors have contributed in the recent past towards improving the quality of healthcare services. Key among them is a suitable business and technical architecture to support and adapt to continual changes; availability of tools and services such as hospital management systems and decision support systems that improve diagnosis and treatment; telemedicine with real-time image transfers; and health information disseminated through networks to the general public. NCS helps clients provide better-managed care through state-of-the-art healthcare solutions in areas such as hospital/patient management systems and decision support systems. We possess business and technology expertise accumulated over two decades. And specialists are drawn from the medical sciences, biomedical engineering and information technology provide the domain expertise in our healthcare practice.

    NCS's s-Governance practice is primarily engaged in helping national and state governments to align their services with the changing needs of citizens and stakeholders. With the rapid pace of change in the IT industry, there has been a shift in focus from the traditional inputs of a production process to the processes involved in the creation, storage, dissemination, and use of information. An IT-driven system of s-Governance works better costs less and is capable of servicing citizens' needs as never before. Analogous to e-commerce, which allows businesses to transact with each other more efficiently (B2B) and brings customers closer to businesses (B2C), s-Governance aims to make the interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B), and inter-agency relationships (G2G) more friendly, convenient, transparent and inexpensive. The resulting benefits are higher revenue growth and reduced costs. Our s-Governance practice addresses the entire gamut of information technology needs of governments across the world. The objective of the group is to aid governments in delivering SMART - simple, moral, accountable, responsive, and transparent - governance to citizens and businesses. In such a scenario, citizens can freely interact with various government departments anytime, anywhere, and with very little effort.

    The insurance industry worldwide is facing the challenges of deregulation, consolidation, and convergence of financial services. There is today a pressing demand for cutting-edge services and enriched customer experiences at a significantly lower cost. It is imperative that insurance players be able to transform distribution channels, sell complex yet flexible products online, and address security and privacy concerns for a strategic competitive advantage. NCS has an in-depth understanding of the insurance business and has dedicated insurance practice to cater to the specific business requirements of the industry. Our team of insurance consultants can develop conceptual frameworks, process flows, and other assets that enable a detailed analysis of both the life and non-life sectors.