Powertech Live, Analog Powertech Pvt. Ltd

Powertech, with its expertise in Power utility management, provides Remote Utility Infrastructure management for different industry domains. Our focus is on Telecom, Power Utility, Transport and M2M asset management.

Powertech was the first company in India to identify the change in business landscape and invested in the development of Telecom Infrastructure Management System (TIMS) platform.

This is the first product which integrates remote monitoring, energy management and asset management. The product offering includes state of the art and secure, GPRS enabled, embedded remote alarm and energy logging client, with powerful and scalable central server software which provides data collection, analytics, Business Intelligence and NOC management software and services.

This android app provides live monitoring of device installed geographical location.

PRALAY TV, Online News and Entertainment Channel

PRALAY TV is upcoming internet based news and entertainment channel, majoring focusing Nationalist Ideology.

PRALAY TV will be the embodiment of honest journalism and will relentlessly seek to reform our society and community.

The channel will have an uncompromising and unbending strong anti-corruption stance as the focal point of its existence.

Although PRALAY TV will majorly focus on the youth of Indore, we firmly believe that its programming will appeal equally to people from all walks of life.


NCS^ ERP application is especially designed for the employees to get systematic and timely plan-ups for their work routines. With particular tabulation of the data, the employee can easily switch between previously completed tasks and can record tomorrow’s tasks. This helps as a reminder and also keeps good track record of the work.

The app is equipped with the following features:
Full Employee Details could be recorded including the attachments of all the necessary documents, the app will      also notify about Birthdays/Anniversaries, Work-Anniversary etc.
Timesheets serves as a benefit which helps the employees to record their daily completed tasks, tomorrow’s      tasks and dependencies for each days.
An additional feature of attendance has been added which records employees attendance just by one click
     It also enables the employees to put their leave requests which is approved/ rejected by the HR Dept. of the      company, also enables the developers/Employees to go through several guidelines including the one for Leave      Policy.
 Employee Referral feature enables you to share any contact with others without any hustle

Hence NCS^ERP application serves its purpose as a one stop employee benefit solution

Palm Fitness, WWYS Inc (Work While You Sleep), USA

PALM is a fitness tech startup best on New York City. To aim bring GYM to home. They are centralized fitness studio, give the user a facility to fit him from home taking the live classes or take an on-demand class.

Palm fitness, WWYS Inc( Work While You Sleep) starts on 2016 and currently it’s working. Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. This Android app provides live streaming of personal trainer for the subscribed members. App is available for the subscribed members. And also provides personal remote trainer to subscribe members.

And these trainers provide training to the subscribed members. This app works like home gym, members doesn’t go to gym for the fitness. They can subscribe and assign a personal trainer of chain of gymnasiums and work on their fitness. This app is streaming in USA.