Our Premium Services

An in-depth knowledge of various technological areas enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and services. With our 'Web of Participation', we maximize the benefits of our depth, diversity and delivery capability, ensuring adaptability to client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative solutions in every domain of business and technology.

Our technological offerings are organized into following practices.

Business Intelligence

Infrastructure Development & Management

NCS's Infrastructure Development and Management (IDM) service practice is a strategic business unit that is focused on providing IT infrastructure solutions and services to a global customer base. We cover various technology areas, including data center management, communications, desktop services, facilities management, help desk, disaster recovery, and enterprise system management.

Business Intelligence

Our Services

NCS^ Pvt. Ltd. deals with Advanced BI-IT solutions by Providing Intelligence information on Desktops and Hand held devices, to highlight and control Area of the concern in Real time with the help of rich designed Dashboards.

Development & Maintenance

The new millennium has brought forth a host of new application development projects, most of them are built on Web-based technologies with a strong orientation towards Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). The experiences of the last century have forced users to adopt scalable and extensible architectures that can support 24x7 business availability to accommodate global customers and reduce development cycles to a minimum.

Architecture & Technology Consulting

The goal of our Architecture and Technology Consulting (ATC) practice is to bring leading-edge technological solutions and consulting to our customers in various industry segments: Telecom and Datacom; Banking, Insurance and Financial services; Manufacturing; Retail; Utilities; Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of computers and software; consumer electronics; transportation; and industrial automation and manufacturing.

Our ATC practice is organized under three sub-practices:


Performance Engineering


The architecture sub-practice offers strategic consulting to assist customers in defining the fundamental software architecture for their enterprises. It does this by using a unique methodology and by making technological choices based on industry trends. Some of our important architectural services are the review of enterprise architecture, planning the re-engineering of legacy systems, componentization, and integration.


Large Projects

The information technology market is moving towards off-the-shelf solutions and quick implementations. But mission-critical systems cannot be built overnight. They require a huge development effort, multi-disciplinary technological skills, in-depth domain knowledge, and a seamless integration of bespoke development and off-the-shelf solutions that will ease time-to-market pressures.

Successful implementation of such large projects requires a synthesis of:

Experienced management and leadership

In-depth domain and functional knowledge

A wide range of technological skills across multiple technologies and platforms

Architectures and designs that will endure the test of time

Organizational focus and commitment

Active participation of all stakeholders, including vendors

NCS has extensive experience in the management and execution of such large projects. We develop and implement complex solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our clients world-wide secure quantifiable benefits from the high-quality, end-to-end, mission-critical solutions that we have implemented for them - on schedule and within the budget.


Non-secure systems are manifestations of an insecure Organisation. Our eSecurity practice offers a range of consulting and service offerings to secure your systems from unauthorized access.

The global information technology industry is rapidly moving towards the development of open, modular systems. A good deal of effort is being invested to make these systems interoperable and easy to access and use.

But the explosive growth of open systems has contributed to a situation wherein huge amount of critical data are exchanged through a medium that has minimal protection. A little carelessness, a small loophole is all it takes to compromise the security of your system. A break-in by an undesirable source can cause irreparable damage to your business.

The main thrust of our consulting practice is to advise clients on issues concerning security policy design, application security, operating system security, and network security.


E-Business is not just to use the Web to conduct business, but it is more than that. It means leveraging the power of Internet technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders. Identifying opportunities for improving, extending, enhancing or transforming business processes, choosing wisely among available options, architecting, building, and deploying e-business solutions rapidly are all keys to success.

To create new revenue streams, maximize existing revenue streams, optimize supply chains, foster strong customer relationships, or gain insight from enterprise information; today worldwide organizations are strategizing, building and implementing integrated multichannel e-business solutions using the right technologies.

Core Services

Corporate houses now a days are tightly engaged with diversified vertical business activities, minimum operation-cost with improved product-quality/services are the core assignments. In such a huge voluminous and multidimensional routine business activities, executives always feel challenging to find out the gray area responsible for gradually reducing profit margins and could not decide whether reasons behind the poor performance are related to market-share, Indirect expenses, process/manufacturing costs or any other hidden one.

Area Covered


Real time intelligence



Turnaround Time

Resource Utilization



Company's MarketShare

Plant Maintenance

This BI dash Board helps with identifying area of the concern whether it is a process, equipment or even any executive. It also highlights, hidden root causes. Shop floor executives are shouted always for plant's unavailability, subsequently the differed dispatch schedules affect budgets as well market. To keep production line continue, shop-floor engineers apply emergency approaches, which causes to higher indirect expenses resulting high production cost. Executives are not able to find out the causes behind frequent break-downs at times.

Trading – Increase your Market Share

This BI dash board Highlights all root causes behind deperformances areas and gives motivations and tips to improve market share. Traders always remains in stress to maintain their order book as well as it's sourcing support at right time & right price at lowest operational cost. Because of multi focus activities, it becomes hard to keep watch on the transactions, which causes to lower profit margins.

Market Share

This BI Solution alerts you the moment any harmful scenario is observed. Executives are helped with various guidance for a successful business operation. It also provides Improvement tips for suppliers, customers and resources. To maintain company's market share, corporates spent a lot, whether it is money or man-hours. Marketing executives strive always to achieve periodical targets. Even though above efforts, most of the time management found quite behind the sales-targets for unexplained reasons.

KRA Monitoring

To ensure company's constant-growth this BI Dashboard highlights causes behind deperformance at various level. It advise how to achieve KPI's on its best level. Company's goals are being achieved by distributing all responsibilities to Employees at Various levels. Even though KPIs for every role are decided but surprises takes place at end of the year.

Utility Cost Control

This BI Dashboard highlight root causes behind increased utility-cost. It identify and highlights area of the concern responsible for abnormal utility distribution losses. This BI Dashboard highlight root causes behind increased utility-cost. It identify and highlights area of the concern responsible for abnormal utility distribution losses.

Material Management

This BI Solution provide reasoning details as well as root causes, responsible for increased inventory and suggests to control it at all possible levels. It further identify it's relevance whether it is particular Section OR Executive. Corporates' major hot-resource / money remains almost idle in categorical Inventories. Concern-management feels helpless to asses root causes responsible for it.


This BI Solution is designed to improve and maintain best Procurement practices prices' realization. All abnormal sort of procurement-transaction are controlled and avoided at right time. Smart - procurement is a all time challenge in corporates. Even best efforts, most of time management faces very hard to meet out this challenge.

Resource Utilization

This Bi Solution identify and highlights the hidden area responsible for idle-money and resources. Corporates best cares of their wealth and resources and it's fully utilization. But, even after all precautions most of the time it becomes very hard to identify root causes for increased Interest account.