Ladli Beti

“Ladli Beti” is the web application developed by NCS that has online real-time data of patient’s ultrasound details. The system captures Form A and patients Form F. It will help […]


World Security Exchange

WSX is a first of its kind unique media in the world, creating a Security Umbrella, for People of India, networking them, their Domestic Help(s), with Law Enforcers & Protectors, […]


BPCL Security Exchange (BSE)

BSX automates Main, Lorry Gate, Railway Gate business processes of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Manmad. System facilitates Security Staff, Planning Officers, Managers, HODs, Engineer Officers, and Security Officers to input […]

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Monster Instinct

Monster Instinct is a very simple and a new approach of dealing with old age issues in “recruitment”. As almost all the companies invest lot of their time, money, and […]

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