Contract Pros

Matching short term IT Services requirments with the right resources

NCS includes the individuals and teams that provide a wide range of IT services across a number of industries. Neno Systems consulting approaches to matching the right level and type of resources to short term IT services requirements provides rapid, accurate and efficient execution. NCS professionals and teams include top-tier technical people who may be deployed to a number of corporate and government client locations.

NCS team members are very experienced professionals, with solid business and exemplary technical skills. All are subject to the NCS testing program that utilizes one-on-one question and answer sessions, led by subject matter experts for each respective skill set to verify technical capabilities and test communications skills.


Flexible and scalable IT Services option

Our workforce is constantly exposed to various training courses on programming practices, software quality assurance, and software engineering, and on specific tools and techniques such as configuration management, inspection and reviews. This process is supported by a hands-on quality assurance function and a comprehensive system of internal audits.