Monster Instinct

Monster Instinct is a very simple and a new approach of dealing with old age issues in “recruitment”.

As almost all the companies invest lot of their time, money, and efforts in shortlisting and interviewing the potential candidates face-to-face, most of them have a very familiar outcome “If you are shortlisted we shall get in touch with you as there are others to be interviewed as well. Thank you for turning up and all the best for your future”. This common outcome is a hassle for both the Candidates and Recruiters involving traveling cost and time.

Since Recruiters have no time to waste on their hands, selecting right candidates fit for the job, it’s imperative to get it right as there is very little margin for error.

Monster Instinct is a complete web-based recruitment service focused not only on the Recruiters but designed to save time and cost for Candidates too, incurred during the entire interview process by using ” Video Profiling” and automated random “Questions” designed for optimum job interview experience.

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